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Prayer at Moulton Church

Hello, we are Martyn and Angela Thompson, the Prayer Team Leaders.

Prayer is a wonderful way of developing a relationship with the Lord our God.

If you are seeking to satisfy your spiritual hunger, find peace in your heart, refreshment for your soul, the assurance of forgiveness or to change and become more like the Lord, then prayer can really help you.

Prayer enables us to express our praise and thanks to God, confess our sins and find release through forgiveness, talk to Him about the needs of others and the world and wonderfully share with him how we are feeling and our individual needs. We have a wonderful God who delights in hearing and answering our prayers. Through our prayers God can powerfully bring about change for the better.


A time to pray

A short service of prayer at 12 noon each Tuesday.

Prayer and Praise

Our monthly whole church worship and prayer evening held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm.

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The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray and soon they learned and went on to have extraordinary powerful prayer lives. As a church we provide many opportunities to deepen our prayer life and grow in our relationship with the Lord and see Him at work as we pray.

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Prayer Ministry

After each Sunday service you are invited to come and be prayed for by our experienced and caring prayer team in our confidential Prayer Space, or you may prefer to ask those wearing a prayer team badge to pray with you in your seat.

Zoom Prayer

On line prayer each Thursday evening at 7.30pm for about half an hour.

Prayer Partners or Triplets

Opportunities to join with one or two others for individual prayer support.

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Prayer Space

The church has a dedicated prayer space where you can sit, relax and pray. It is well resourced to help you pray and spend time quietly with God. If you wish to use it when the church is not open, please make arrangements with the church office.

A Prayer Diary

A Church Prayer Diary, that covers three months, is a great way to help you pray in an informed way each day quietly on your own. You might also like to download the free PrayerMate App on your mobile phone and receive items from the church prayer diary, as well as setting up your own prayer topics.

Prayer Email Support - Can We Pray for You?

We believe that when we pray, God moves. Whatever situation you are in, you can pray to God and He will hear you. However, it is often comforting to know that others are committed to praying for you too, either because you can’t find the words yourself or because you want to know others are standing with you through difficult times and praying for you.


The Prayer Team often have the joy of seeing God answer prayers as well as helping those who ask for prayer to know the assurance that the Lord is by their side as they journey through challenging times.

You are invited to send your prayer requests to our dedicated prayer email using the link below at any time.


Your requests will be circulated to our team of prayer warriors and treated confidentially, unless you indicate otherwise.  If you prefer your prayer request only to be shared with the Vicar, Associate Vicar and Pastoral Care Coordinator please indicate. If you would also like one of the prayer team or a member of the clergy to contact you to see how you are doing, please mention that in your correspondence.

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