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Getting married at Moulton Parish Church

Moulton Parish Church offers a beautiful setting for a wedding. If you are getting married for the first time, live in the Parish or have a ‘qualifying connection’ (contact our office for details) then please contact our Church Administrator, Pete Collins for an application form. If one or both partners have been divorced it may still be possible to be married at MPC, under certain circumstances, so do please get in touch.


In 2022, the basic cost of a wedding in our churches is statutory fee £512 (statutory fee). To this is added the cost of a verger, organist and bell ringers as required. The Church Centre is also available for hire. Please contact the office for details.

In order to be married at MPC, we ask couples to attend one of our wedding days, usually in the January before your wedding, when we will talk about the wedding day, do some of the legal and practical stuff, and think through relationships: how we can make our marriage last and our love continue to grow. These are on Saturdays and run from 10am – 1pm.  The office will let you know when these are.

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