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Home Groups

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Hello I am Nick Alexander the Vicar here at Moulton. We believe that Jesus saves us into a family. As such we want everyone at Moulton church to be in community with a small group of believers to help each other live for Christ.

Homegroups met together to celebrate a special Passover meal. Here is  one of the groups at the start of their table set out with all the elements of the meal.

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At Moulton Parish Church we run a number of mid-week home groups to help us grow in our love and knowledge of God, together. 


Home groups are places where we can spend special time with God and one another looking into God’s Word, listening to what he has to say to us and applying it to our daily lives.  It is where we can talk to God together in prayer.  Home groups are also places of ‘belonging’ where we meet with one another for fellowship and where we can practice and experience what it means to be part of the family of God in a deeper way.  Our new church vision also encourages home groups to be involved in the mission of the church together.


If you have been coming to MPC for a little while and would be interested in joining a home group contact Nick Alexander on 01604 494146 or email via the link below

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The book of Job

In our homegroups we are studying Job until April. To accompany thsi you will need a copy of the booklet by Christopher Ash. Please Contact your home group leader for a copy. 

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