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Renew Café

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Hello, my name is Anne Jeffrey. Our Renew Café  is open every Tuesday (apart from a Christmas holiday) from 9:30am until noon and we welcome people from our local community.


It’s a wellbeing café; a space where ‘it’s okay not to be okay’.


We have refreshments area, an activity area and a prayer space.

We serve free hot and cold drinks, biscuits, cakes and fruit.


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A Renew space operates very simply along 3 basic principles.

1. Be Prayerful – Our hosts are volunteers from the church and they pray for the community before the café opens. The church Prayer Space is open for those who want to pray at any time. There’s also a short ‘Time to Pray’ at noon(ish) for those who might want to join in.

2. Be Present – As well as providing refreshments and a chat, we have activities such as jigsaws, adult colouring, Su Doku, etc. Please feel free to suggest other hobbies.

All activities are co-produced and are based on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

3. Be in Partnership – we’re developing relationships with local services that we can signpost people to, should they require it. We’ve have had focus mornings, such as a ‘Memory Morning’ run by a Bereavement Team.

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Puzzle Club

We run a Puzzle Club every Tuesday morning. Come and borrow/exchange a puzzle. Choose from a huge range of puzzles.


We’re not aiming at being mental health experts, but just to offer a safe environment for those who are lonely or in need of company and a hobby.

We will know how to signpost to professionals where needed.

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